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Share any digital content with one link.

If you can copy and paste a link, you can build your own link page and share it in 5 minutes. It's free.

Now you can share any online content you want all from one place. It's as simple as copying a pasting a link and we automatically create a shareable link page for you. The links can be Web pages, maps, PDFs, videos, audio files, anything that's in the cloud. No downloads or apps necessary. Get started now. It's free.

Organizations convert leads into customers with a simple text message.

Send your contacts directly to the stuff that matters to them the most. Phantom can automatically send a text message or email with one link to your most important information. A new contact can immediately visit your website, get a coupon, take a poll, enter a sweepstakes, receive a custom brochure, video or download. 

Choose your plan.


Share everything with one link.

Create your own link page

Add as many Web links as you want.

Connect to Web pages, maps, PDFs, videos, audio files, anything that's in the cloud




Automatically share information

Everything in Free plus...

Phantom App for iOS

Automatically text contacts your link

50 text messages a month

month                      year

$10  |  $100


Unlimited text messages & reporting

Everything in Basic plus...

Capture contact info with your iPhone or iPad

Unlimited text messages



Marketing software integration

Audience profiling

month                             year

$200 | $1000

Replace sign in sheets and collect contact information with the Phantom iOS app. Simply capture contact information with your iPhone or iPad and automatically text your link page to the contact.

If you use sign in sheets then you should use the Phantom iOS app. The app handles all the information you collect and can automatically integrate with your favorite contact management or marketing software solution including Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Hubspot.

No more signup sheets or business cards in a fishbowl. No more data entry at the end of the day, after the show, event, presentation or meeting.

How the Phantom iOS app works.